“Carolyn is one of the most well thought of and sought after people in our industry.  Her knowledge and ability to help guide her clients to solutions that are completely tailored for their specific needs are second to none.  She has often been a valued resource to myself and the organizations I work for the past several years and continues to provide valuable insight via her blogs and social media posts on a daily basis.”
Charles Calabrese, Performance Horizon Group

“Carolyn takes the initiative to work across teams to accomplish shared goals. For example, we have worked together on several projects to benefit both her affiliate program and my SEO strategies. Carolyn would be an asset to any company’s marketing team.”
Jill Kocher, Groupon.com 

“Carolyn has a sharp mind for identifying great business opportunities. She is always quick with suggestions on how to evolve new business ideas. Carolyn has immense breadth and depth in the web industry.”
Michelle Mei Ling, eSeller Street 

“She knows all of the ins and outs of the business, she is smart, savvy, creative, and results-oriented. In addition she is adored by many fans for not only her smashing skills, but her unique personality and style.”
Anne Fognano, CleverMoms.com 

“One thing I’ve come to notice about Carolyn is she not only comes up with innovative ideas, she puts a strategy in place and gets it done. In the constantly evolving business environment of the internet, Carolyn has shown advanced skills in both innovation and execution which makes her an ideal person to work with.”
Jon Nunez, AffiliateManager.com 

“I liken Carolyn to a dynamo … a person of endless energy … that does her job with the utmost of dedication and professionalism. As an affiliate marketing expert Carolyn knows her business well and provides her associates with the tools and incentives to enable their success.”
Robert Barry, Cities Commerce Corporation


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