Practical eCommerce, May 2012 One of the important responsibilities of managing an affiliate marketing channel is communicating with affiliates. The most common form of communicating with them is an email newsletter. A question many affiliate managers ask is, “How often should I send a newsletter?”  Read More

Practical eCommerce, March 2012 is a small, family-owned retailer of fun, quality sleepwear. It sells everything from plush bathrobes to Batman pajamas, using the Yahoo! shopping cart. Melissa Canepa Murphy launched the company in 2002. It is located in Fort Mohave, Ariz., near Las Vegas. Read More

Practical eCommerce, January/February 2012 As a retailer, you likely segment your consumers. The segmentation can be a formal exercise, where preferred customers get preferential treatment; or it can even be informal, such as when you greet your regulars with a friendly wave or a cup of coffee. Segmentation is the practice of knowing who your […]

Practical eCommerce, January 2012  Are you looking to launch your own affiliate marketing program? There are many good events that can help you get started. You’ll be able to meet affiliates and vendors in person, and find out what tools are needed to run a successful affiliate program.  Read More

Practical eCommerce, December 2011  One of the benefits of online marketing is all the data we have access to. Unlike brick-and-mortar establishments, an online retailer can determine product interest and then forecast sales based on how many people viewed a product. Read More

Practical eCommerce, October 2011 Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing channel. Affiliates refer traffic to retailers and earn commissions on completed transactions or leads. Affiliates can drive traffic from multiple sources: Via websites, social media statuses, search engine marketing, even via telephone.  Read More


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