Insight Magazine, Spring 2017.   Despite conflicting opinions surrounding social issues, the call for corporate social responsibility remains loud and clear.  Read More

Practical eCommerce, May 2015. A successful affiliate marketing program requires oversight — uploading and maintaining the creative inventory, approving and communicating with affiliates, and reporting and analysis. Read More

Insight Magazine, April 2015. It’s smart to network outside your industry. Here’s how to do it.  Read More

Practical eCommerce, March 2015. In early February, Bitly, the popular URL-shortening service, partnered with affiliate tool Viglink to auto-monetize every shortlink generated by Bitly’s millions of users.  Read More

Practical eCommerce, October 2012. A common error that merchants make when launching an affiliate program is not providing enough marketing support for their affiliates. Merchants sometimes assume that all they need to do is provide a few banner ads to their affiliates, who would place them on their sites.  Read More

Practical eCommerce, September 2012. In affiliate marketing, sites that feature unique content are highly valued. A few examples include product review sites such as; blogs such as; and online forums, such as  Read More

Practical eCommerce, August 2012. Ecommerce executives often gauge the success of an affiliate program by how many affiliates have signed up. This is misleading.  I’d much rather oversee a program with 25 active and engaged affiliates driving traffic and sales, than thousands of affiliates who aren’t generating any activity.  Read More

Practical eCommerce, July 2012 An experienced affiliate manager keeps affiliate engaged with the program. It’s the continued outreach and strategic positioning that creates a solid affiliate program with solid growth prospects.  Read More

Before selecting an affiliate network, brands should focus on solidifying their commission structure.  Reason being, even though affiliate marketing is entirely performance-based, and nary a nickel gets paid out unless a transaction occurs, there are several different parties taking a cut of that sale.  The affiliate gets a percentage, the affiliate network gets a percentage, […]

Practical eCommerce, June 2012 Managing an affiliate marketing channel is more than just getting affiliates to join your program. It is also about optimizing ad placements on affiliate sites.  Read More


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